Friday, August 22, 2008


Am I so conceited I would never notice eyes on me? I'm always in lower orbit, slow on the uptake or faintly clueless. Enough of you want a hand in my skinny jeans that I left behind my favorites. I ordered replacements and new ones, blue ones, which shipped here from Kansas and took all week.

I might have missed this before I knew I had it. I wear grey and black and brown and striped, but you haven't seen me in blue. I'm sorry purple is all you made it in. If it's consolation, you made good.

When I dream between pages too heavy to turn I wonder what I've missed, wake up and try to imagine where it is summer still exists. Can I say you get me off intellectually? In collapsed conundrums we dial names we were keeping to remember by, and speed speaks too: we never wanted to forget.

WTF? Conversation is enchanting. I'm making this up to you.


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