Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I hate how I keep starting my days with confidence and am ruined by the end. What I am doing sobbing in a stairwell when most of the building is empty? At least I, finally, don't care what anyone thinks of me for it.

Oh, and you're all right, he's horrible, and I love all the trouble everyone took to comfort me. But you're all wrong, because his reputation doesn't speak and it's not me that he doesn't deserve. I'll only ever hate him for abandoning me.

I love how we agree we'll be together again - or is he just saying that? Quieting me, the crazy crying ex-girl? You should trust him, you should trust him. He can make you laugh through your tears. We won't fast-foward through the intermisson. You'll see, if not this day, then tomorrow, which is another.
And as I sit here in this dark room,
All I seem to feel is light
And I see color,
I see the dull maroon
Of the blood... of this life... that's ours

- Vanessa Carlton, "Afterglow"


Anonymous Sophie said...

"there are plenty of fish in the sea"


May 02, 2006 11:12 PM  
Anonymous Graffy said...

i love you. *hug* wish i could do more

May 03, 2006 9:59 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

I'm sorry, I feel horrible because I can't reach you, but I really don't think I should go downtown today. I'm really sick and haven't been at school for two days. I'll try to call right after school, but I can't remeber if I have your phone number...argh, I'm really sorry. Might just drive down to Jamba after school to make sure you know. I don't know.

May 05, 2006 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Alison said...

...and you have no cell phone. Great.

May 05, 2006 3:49 PM  
Anonymous Gina said...

i love you

and i hit him

anddddddd we're still friends

lol he had no right to do that though.
keep in mind
that you're the greatest
and he was being a complete jerk

im just glad you guys still talk.

and i love you
youc an cry on my shoulder any day of the week.
cept at like awkward times...
lol im done

May 05, 2006 8:36 PM  

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