Saturday, March 18, 2006

Don't Worry

"Alex, where the hell are we going?"

Risky crosswalks and an alley after electrical workers are glancing at us as we climb a fire escape. It's a nice fire escape, bronzy and not rusty, and we go up three stories. At the top of the fire escape is a silvery ladder with a skinny round rungs. He doesn't ask me to follow; he hoists his bag over his neck and climbs up out of sight.

I pause. If I left, how long would it take him to notice?

That thought didn't occur. I stash my purse in my satchel, hoist it up, and climb. The tops of ladders are awkward places, but I get onto the roof. It's like mine, flat and silver. I haven't been on my roof in ages. There's little funnier than waking up to the sritchy stomping of feet overhead. That thought didn't occur either. I'm not thinking of anybody who might be below us. We're the only people listening to this roof.

He sits contemplatively, still yards away but now so within my reach. The sun's warm if you're really feeling for it. Imagine it. The world's empty because you're above it all. Time stops when I cross the gutter. How long has it been since I was in love on a sunny day? What I'm thinking of are so many other moments that have made the universe improbable. Last weekend, jumping off the train. Years ago, jumping fences with don't-you-know-who. Don't you know, I've jumped it all.

I give him three weeks; he gave me three days. For all that I'll trust him anyway. Eat your heart out. I'm delighted. (Evil's disgusted.) On top of a ceiling, what a place.
Time without you drags me down,
It all feels right with you around,
It all feels light with you around

- Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Let Me Know"


Anonymous Sophie said...

What would've been hilarious is if you'd fallen through and he'd had to hoist you out. Ha!

Juuust kidding. I'm glad you're so happy. XD

This comment was better before Haloscan killed it and I had to rewrite it.

March 19, 2006 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love releases the mind, inspires the hand
and gives her words more than meaning... Love gives her words an aura, such that this remains the quintessence of her writings thus far. We thank her, for her love and happiness as it has transcended beyond these mere words, and touched another, giving a moment of their life the same warm glow.

March 21, 2006 6:05 AM  
Blogger The Great Blue Donkey said...

Yay! for jumping off moving trains!!!!You should've jumped off the cliff too, that would've been fun.

March 21, 2006 6:34 PM  
Anonymous Sarcastic Alex said...

this guy sounds like a douche, i'd kick his ass

March 22, 2006 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

That's funny, cause I read "How long has it been since I was in love on a sunny day?" and I already had "Good Day Sunshine" stuck in my head. Sounds like this post's theme song.

March 23, 2006 9:32 PM  
Anonymous Gina said...

yeah so you got me confused after like the 3rd paragraph
ewww alex
jk he's tight, he's tight.
and you guys are cute together
just dont get lost w/ him again
you almost made me hyperventilate
haha thats my new favourite word
bye love <3
be safe.
use protection.
i have taught you well
k im really done this time. <3

March 26, 2006 11:58 PM  
Anonymous Graffy said...

hey anna,
see people do approve of him. true there are some people who don't but they'll keep their reasons. As long as you are happy that's a good enough reason for me! lots of luck in love

March 27, 2006 4:33 PM  
Blogger xingjing said...

Psh. You should know why I'm disgusted. Meh, look at me. I'm now in love with Park Jinwoo. Who, is just SO MUCH better than HIM. *glare* Because Park Jinwoo is just SO kawaiine! Which is ironic since I'm saying it in Japanese. But you don't understand it anyways, so it's okay.

Oooh, go to my xanga. Damnit, I need to post on my blog.

Climbing roofs? Glad you're safe. Sad he didn't fall off. Damn that would've been funny. *climb climb... fall...* bwahaha. I know, I'm evill.

See, I'll make sure the guy I go out with (which I haven't even have a clue right now since right now my boyfriend standards have gone up to the standard of Park Jinwoo) has to be perfecto! So you can't pick on him. At least he's not atrociously perverted or disgustingly obnoxious. I'll make sure.

It's no use talking to you. It's like Tom Sawyer talking to Huck Finn. Or, wait, the opposite. You won't listen to me. Reality. DOIH.

And I can't believe I just made that connection.

March 28, 2006 6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you mispelled risque as "risky."

haha :)

March 30, 2006 11:31 PM  
Blogger indiejade said...

Risk is always "risque".

All the warmth and such -- being in that state of potential love over infatuation is wonderful. . . having the affection be mutual and acknowledged or reciprocated is the ultimate goal, is it not? I know something is "true" for me when I'm incapable and start thinking or writing like some 17th century Romantic poet. (Insert gossamer nostalgic-type musings here.)

Life is not always easy. I'm happy for you, Anna.

April 01, 2006 6:07 PM  
Anonymous "Alex" said...

Did she honestly just call me grossly perverted? Hmm, It's weird to read what people i don't even know think of me. It tends to make me smile. So much so I'm not going crazy any more. Thank You Anna

April 07, 2006 11:38 PM  

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