Sunday, September 09, 2007


Well, surely the sun is brighter than it has been any other day. It's not radiating off the singles sideline and I'm not sick and senitive to light. And truly, that ball is greener than all the rest. It's not the same and that's how I can see we've hit it out.

So that makes it something to think about on my way to retrieve it, and what I'm thinking is that the sun shines every day and I wouldn't be walking here if that ball wasn't just the same as always. And that, you understand, disproves what I was thinking to begin with.

I used to think I'd be better off playing for keeps, but as you'll see no one's got any and I haven't learned to keep score anyhow. Well, if I keep opening doors, I'll surely get out. Well, if I say I'm feeling well, well, will that change a thing?


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