Saturday, September 24, 2005

Digital Love

Sam accused me of "subtle dramaticism". I thought he was off with that, the subtle bit especially, but more and more I'm thinking he was right on the mark. Like a post no one understands (will someone please tell me they've gotten the "totally unrelated fruit company" part?), some things just spark replies.

Evil A, for example, who said, "I don't really like talking in front of lots of people." No, really?

Then there's pink-belt boy. Conner told me his name was Zack (or, perhaps I hope, Zac), but his prominate feature and the off chance that I've got a chance have earned him the nickname Necker. Our stupid second encounter few days ago gleaned nothing useful except that he's a sophomore, not a junior, and ended with Bollywood's pronoucement of, "Awww, I think he's got a girl" as he walked off with one. I considered myself embarassed and quite finished in that area, until lunch Friday.

Friday was noteable primarily for being one of those useless half-days, stocked with fascinating mini-lessons like "how to blend a quote". Lunch, since no one had one, was spent alternating between running away from someone Bollywood doesn't like very much and sitting outside eating cookies. Near the end of the half-period, she'd just bought each of us Krispy Kremes and was looking for some other people to give the third to. We're standing, eating and looking, when Necker walks up to us. I can't quite believe this happened: "The other day... that girl I went off with was my sister."

Had I been in an intelligent mood, I would have said, "Indeed? Why do you tell me this?" Instead, I started laughing, and nearly choked on my doughnut. Bollywood offered him the third doughnut, which he turned down. I wouldn't have wanted to start acting like us, either. Well, well, well.

"I wonder why he told you that," Bollywood says, when he'd walked away. "Maybe he likes you."

"Maybe nobody else likes him."

"You're so mean!"

My newest favorite person is Hannah, she of the very similar name having both uncommonly excellent taste in music and a house really close to mine. She's in my gym class, which spent yesterday sitting on the floor. I eagerly beckoned her over, told her the story, and went through her green mini. She mentioned that she didn't know the proper title of Daft Punk song she'd called "Dream". On the hope my newest favorite person might have my newest favorite song, "Digital Love", I took a listen. And of course I was left singing, "In this dream I'm dancing right beside you" for the rest of the morning.

The dreams I really had Friday morning involved a very nice hotel, a very scary elevator, a very large party, and French Boy as a poet. My conscious morning idealy would have involved hanging in the hallway, and vanishing into the classroom when French Boy came down the hallway. Brittany, possessing a none-too-sutble drama, called a big, cheery, "Hi, Jo(h)n!", followed up with a, "She's too shy to talk to you."

At the moment, I suspected strongly he thought us a pair of dumb freshmen and, without seeing his face, escaped inside our classroom. Brittany reported he'd smiled and waved at her. I'm awaiting the surely impending reply with something approaching amusement.

Don't stop, come a little closer,
As we jam, the rythmn gets stronger,
There's nothing wrong, with just a little little fun,
We were dancing, all night long
- Daft Punk, "Digital Love"


Blogger ~0wn3d said...

.....right. Your posts make no sense since I don't know any of these people!

September 24, 2005 4:39 PM  
Blogger Minkowski Nut said...

Is this the person you told me you were going to "force" to be your friend during Enriched Chem?

September 24, 2005 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Shelby said...

Yay for pink belt guy. i got the hottest belt at the mall today but that is beyond the point.

September 24, 2005 10:05 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

I feel so left out. :( I hate Kennedy.

<3 for Daft Punk, though.

September 26, 2005 10:01 PM  

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