Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gingerbread Men

To self:
Don't walk,
To Starbucks,
In ballet flats and legwarmers,
Through mud,
Snow, and slush,
In a thin skirt and bitter cold,
When you've always hated coffee.

Hot chocolate does just as well. The partially-decorated Christmas tree is heavy on the front bottom section. My brother is taking a metal detector to his unopened Christmas presents. Cookie-Baking Day, the reason that the Ex-Guyfriend's mother never knew me as any more than "cookie girl", is Monday. Finals are over, as I remembered when I caught myself factoring differences of cubes in my head. Save that for when you're penned up in a pew Christmas morning.

Your friends won't ever hear your prayers for them. I love not being able to get from my locker to the cafeteria without being handed three different kinds of candy canes. No matter how much I aspire to have none, religion affects every part of my life. Just once every year, the least it can do is give me stuff.

In another sense, it's vacation. I've never actually had all three volume controls on my guitar amp all the way up simultaneously. I've got heaps of podcasts I haven't listened to. My closet floor is an explosion of ribbons and hangers. I'm going to fulfill a months-long urge to bake gingerbread men. (The recipe said "gingerbread people".) I'm going to listen to "Hung Up" two or fifteen more times, eat quesadillas, and watch The Return of the Jedi.

Cherish the things you love, right? I'd rather be walking under bright lights in a big city, but when my mouth tastes like egg nog and stollen I can't be quite so bitter.
Oh, when the sunshine beckons to ya,
And your wings begin to unfold,
The thoughts you bring and the songs you sing
Are gonna keep me from the cold

- Oasis, "She Is Love"


Anonymous ~Jester said...

Yes, I plan to jam pack as much fun into vacation as I possibly can. Maybe, just maybe it can last me until spring break...

December 18, 2005 9:01 AM  
Blogger The Great Blue Donkey said...

Yay! Who doesn't love Christmas? Wait, no, I know the answer to that, but we can ignore that... Anyway, Christmas rocks because it's the most random holiday ever and we get two weeks off to hang out with people as much as we want, give out presents, shop a ton, and NOT do homework! Boy do I love Christmas, especially if it means that this year I get to see Kat!

December 18, 2005 9:31 AM  
Anonymous Annie said...

You have so much you can do, and it doesn't seem to occur to you that you can do it at any time. Why do what they say? It doesn't matter anyway. In the long run, will you remember that late assignment, or those stolen hours of happiness? I'm thinking happiness.

And the religion thing...well, I'm not going to try to help you understand my views or convert. I will say, however, that I'm completely sure that you're wrong. How can you go through life not believing that tomorrow, something is watching out for us? And in fifty or so years, there is somewhere we will go that all of our hard work in this life will pay off?

Another religion reflection: If there was no religion, think how the world may be. Everyone would care nothing for other people. There would be no incentive to help other human beings. The only point would be to get ahead. Without religion, I speculate, we never would have gotten this far. We may even still be hunter-gatherers, with no language, only working to survive.

December 21, 2005 2:42 PM  
Anonymous Annie said...

Now for something slightly less deep--I'll see you tonight, right? Would you burn me a CD? White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand; anything you want. Call me if you're not sure if I have something you want to give me. :D

December 21, 2005 2:43 PM  
Blogger The Great Blue Donkey said...

About the whole religion thing. Annie, please realize that religion came AFTER humans domesticated animals and plants. If religion wasn't around, the people in Kansas would have never stopped progress of an entire country. Sheesh, only in America can religion be so bothersome....

December 21, 2005 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

If Someone Up Above was watching for us, would the world be spiraling towards imminent destruction? On a less pessimistic note, religion does help people have ethics etc.

Happy holidays!

December 21, 2005 5:49 PM  
Anonymous Swimmerette said...


December 23, 2005 7:20 PM  

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