Sunday, July 23, 2006

Four Sculptures

Pose One
The bread tastes like heat, dense and warm as it stings her fingertips and smears melted margerine on her palms. It burns just behind her top teeth, the sensitive flesh that delights in being kissed. She misses that, the feeling of having just made out. The clock read "10:00", straight across, in green. Now her plate is empty and she's feeling predictable as she tries to find out what it is about "Ziggy Stardust" that makes her feel she's heard it a hundred thousand times before.

Pose Two
She's getting altogether too tempermental. She doesn't meet her own standards. Sometimes she's above them, feeling fabulously, famously improbable with her friends under the skyscrapers, trying to meet the eyes of the Sears Tower. She cranes her neck as she walks, until the building beats her and she looks away, dizzy. It's not altogether unlike the screaming jet planes, one of a few soaring moments she can crawl inside of precisely, entrace herself with, any time.

Pose Three
More often she's less than she expects of herself. Just now, writing without forming a single letter. She should be grateful she has nowhere to go and no songs to sing - after all, she has work to do. It didn't used to be this way. She knows just what, just who, changed her standards. Now she's lonely at the poolhouse, lost in the gallery, alone with her newspaper. As for what it looks like, she's not even sure. It's forgettable.

Pose Four
She can see the magic in the beautiful people who scare her when they catch her eye, and in the line of maple helicopters she drops in the river. At her flamboyant, outgoing peak she's Drama, confident on kitten heels, but at home she's Tragedy, tearfully fighting the losing battle and retiring to keen on the floor. She'll never speak to the beauties, and no one will ever see her filmy floating leaves.

You look like David Bowie
But you've nothing new to show me
Start another fire, and watch it slowly die

- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Over And Over Again (Lost & Found)"


Anonymous Emily said...

You poor thing. of my friends just showed me this game, and then she went on to say that whenever one of her friends breaks up- she shows them this. "It's a great stress reliever." Don't know if it'll help, but oh well. :o)

July 24, 2006 4:41 PM  

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