Thursday, August 03, 2006

Live, Motion, Camera

Today I got up, fell in love, and got dumped, all before breakfast. I'm considering a change in lifestyles.

Actually, I didn't get up until after lunch.

(I'm considering anyway.)

They tell me I'm getting too opaque. Anything I do for long enough turns into art. I think that's how it is for humanity. The Art of War, The Art of Love.

I want a reputation. It's going to be like an attic. Anything that needs to fit, can. Remember what success comes in?

A mind shows your deepest wishes asleep. I dream, again and again, but it always turns out not to be him. It means keep searching. You always find it in the last place you look. Quick, tell me you recognize that opening line. Those were my first words on the subject.

I am finally getting some big white sunglasses. Even flat plastic gives me headaches, and I've broken every pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. I had a pair with gold lions, a pair with gold frames, a pair with purple lenses, an expensive and boring pair.

Now I need red hair, green tea, red shoes. I'm considering a change in favorite colors.

And I am so never, ever dating anyone who doesn't appreciate Oasis.

Maybe I will never be
All things that I wanna be
But now is not the time to cry,
Now's the time to find out why
I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are going to live forever

- Oasis, "Live Forever"
Psst! Look at the pink box, kids. No. one is my favorite band. Nos. two, three, and four are the favorite bands/artist of the last three guys I've fallen for. In order. [Note for posterity: They were The Libertines, David Bowie, Weezer, and the Beatles. - August 7]


Anonymous Shelby said...

OH Anna. Your blog makes me indescribably happy.

August 03, 2006 8:19 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

You so should make a post about Jared, suggested title and all. Today Is that the word?

August 05, 2006 10:30 PM  

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