Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lately Departed

A bit of an apology now don't you, dollface? For being my little bit of cheap attention, you know. I don't really mind, but hell. If it could only be me, I'd offer you an explanation at least.

I've got that feeling like they're secretly avoiding me and you're just the latest. I dreamt of posing you with my skeletons and running alongside in haunted houses. Why this flair for the lurid, and not even death? It would have been right up your alley but I lost the map and it doesn't matter because everyone smokes too goddamn much anyway.
A flying lesson
Tattered dress,
Sunburned chest
You will pay for your excessive charm

With a boy who knows less than he thinks
Drinks up his expensive drinks
Be careful with the details of the war

- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Details of the War"


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