Friday, August 22, 2008


Am I so conceited I would never notice eyes on me? I'm always in lower orbit, slow on the uptake or faintly clueless. Enough of you want a hand in my skinny jeans that I left behind my favorites. I ordered replacements and new ones, blue ones, which shipped here from Kansas and took all week.

I might have missed this before I knew I had it. I wear grey and black and brown and striped, but you haven't seen me in blue. I'm sorry purple is all you made it in. If it's consolation, you made good.

When I dream between pages too heavy to turn I wonder what I've missed, wake up and try to imagine where it is summer still exists. Can I say you get me off intellectually? In collapsed conundrums we dial names we were keeping to remember by, and speed speaks too: we never wanted to forget.

WTF? Conversation is enchanting. I'm making this up to you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Magic Tricks

In this bottle I strand attributed, a strand attributed to the head of Abraham Lincoln. The South breathes around her bloody edges and I'm so slow in museums - I'll never leave, and you'll leave me all behind.

All alone, my cotton candy crystalizes in the air, into long hair strands I can eat into like acid. Jen tipped a pharmancy onto the floor, Jack won his tickets onto the ocean, Jen is going to borrow him and never let go. I'm a future future figure, a radio stickler, and I'm afraid my inspiration is going to go with you.

Did the boat sink? I traversed enough highway to keep you close but you're already far away. I'm writing thoughts into eyes on her screen. Blue movie moonlight brings tears and Jen makes me laugh, so go faster! Twins in zebra stripes! Don't wait one second - this belongs in ink.

Warmth inbetween lines on pages can melt them to bend and before long I'm hanging in your hammock like it's been forever. I can't slow my fingers curling. On Sangamon Avenue I tried to steal proximity and now it multiplies the distance. When the ship tips the theme is in minor key and I'm sinking through summer into ice solitude.

I miss the moments in them and in moments I miss them. I want a living image stepping off trains, curls and coats of arms, and real letters until then. If I were you I'd take so many chances, but if you were electric I'd be your wires.
The sound of the engines and the smell of the grain
We go riding on the abolition grain train
Steven A. Douglas was a great debater,
But Abraham Lincoln was the Great Emancipator

- Sufjan Stevens, "Decatur, or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother!"