Sunday, July 22, 2007

In Chic Long Ago

I've been reading a lot of elevator certification certificates. I nearly stepped on a little robin, half fuzzy and half feathered. I thought I'd call him Benny and hoped he'd still be around the afternoon. How far can a bird that can't fly get? Plenty far, I suppose - look how far I went.

Surely stilletto heels get stuck in the sidewalk and the grates. There must be a whole layer of greening pennies and expensive pens at the bottom of the river. I'm dreaming about banana-cherry-blue Slushies, my red sheets, Lord Voldemort and the way I'll kiss everyone forever. There was dirt in the cracks of my lips; it was beautiful.

If I'm soaked head to bare toes, again, will I be electrocuted on the escalator? Best to take the stairs, I think. I can see the changes in the light through my closed eyes. Tomorrow didn't go like I planned in the least.
Seven weeks of river walkways
Seven weeks of reading papers
Seven weeks of feeling guilty
Seven weeks of staying up all night

- Belle & Sebastian, "A Summer Wasting"

Monday, July 09, 2007

Today Starts Tomorrow

I'm wearing sunglasses underground and Jen's sunglasses look like Warhol and the Underground. If you read the stairs in reverse, they'll tell you a little about how I'm feeling.

I'm a little ahead of myself and I'm a little afraid I'm going backwards. I want to make out, to make something that doesn't hurt yet.

I got utterly drenched - it washed most of the plaster off my clothes. I forgot my camera. I couldn't pick a song. I had a fun coincidence. I may never tell anyone who wasn't there. Did you know? No one I've told really knows.

I'm sick of being alone and talking about myself. I'll work on today tomorrow.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Adventures In Moving

I'm thinking about the surely dangerous, my old friends chain smoking and me tasting photo chemistry on my fingers. I've found a mood to fill my space and a space to fit my mood. I love the afternoon and the dusk and all the safe in the dark at night.

"Get action," Theodore Roosevelt maybe said. I'm shaky ridiculous - is it alright if it took me until now? I think I've caught that divey rooftop feeling. I was lying when I first wrote it, now I'm thinking hypersonic. They mailed me two fives, text I won't read and fees I won't pay. I don't understand how brainy people live. I want to meet the deaf girl from the concert and learn how the colorblind play Twister.

I saw three weddings today. I'm thinking about sending postcards, taking the Electric Line, eating ice cream, being kissed.
'Cos my friend said he'd take you home
He sits in a corner all alone
He lives under a waterfall
Nobody can see him
Nobody can ever hear him call

- Oasis, "Supersonic"